And counting?

Edited: I’m a bit apprehensive about the mug cozies – should they be 6 items or 1 set of six? I’m playing it safe and counting them as one…

The finished knits are flying off the needles here – I swear, give me a contest, and I’ll rise to the occasion. (My spinning wheel has been shooting me dirty looks; I need to pay her some serious attention soon. Good think Margene has declared January NaSpiMoMo. I don’t usually go for the Na—Mo things, but this one I need.)

Anyway, here are my knit-gift numbers 17, 18, and 19 (assuming, of course, that the mug cozies count as 11-16, which I say they do…) 12, 13, and 14.

12. Beaufort Hat, in my own handspun; two ply, approx. dk weight Fiber (Maine Cotswold) from Farm Witch’s Enchanted Knoll, “Goblet of Fire” Size 5 (3.75mm) needles
(Please forgive the reluctant model; she is camera shy, and was thrilled when I told her I was photographing the hat, not her, and that she didn’t even have to look at the lens. See, doesn’t she look thrilled?)

This next one was a surprise project to me. I started it late last night on a whim, and it turned out to be downright addictive. I do think that stranded knitting in worsted-weight yarns is much easier than in fingering weight!

13. Tam Two of Three from “Three Tams” in the latest Knitty
Size 5 (3.75mm) needles

The yarns I used for this project are a bit of this and that. The white is Cascade 220 wool, and the patterning is done in a mix of my own handspun (my first attempt at Navajo plying, it’s the blue/green/red) and some teeny balls of Plymouth Boku left over from the Squirrel Girls’ neck warmers. I used judicial spit-splicing to make the colors flow.

When it was finally done, and blocked, and dry, I tried it on Little Squirrel Girl (who is decidedly NOT camera shy.) Her older sister came downstairs, and said, “Ooo, that one came out pretty!”

“IT’S MINE!!!” said the littlest one. And so it shall be (’cause I’m not gonna try to take it from her!)

Not necessarily last, and certainly not least…

14. Apres-Ski Kerchief, from Handknit Holidays Knitpicks “Panache” (discontinued) Chunky weight alpaca/cashmere/silk Size 9 (5.5mm) needles

This pattern called for a worsted weight yarn, and a bit more yardage than I had. I made it work anyway; with the larger gauge, I did fewer repeats (ended with only 60 st. where I was supposed to increase to 70) and I didn’t do the knitted ties for the corners.

Instead, I used the last 4 inches of yarn to make a doubled-over loop-type buttonhole, and used a vintage button I love.

It works great.And just for Peggy, Mrs. J, Opal, Micki, and everyone else who’s wished for my snow…

… wish you were here to build a snowman with me. And then help shovel and tote firewood ๐Ÿ™‚

You can expect one last post late tonight – hope you all are anticipating a wonderful start to the New Year!


6 thoughts on “And counting?

  1. Happy New Year, Loribird! I can’t believe how fast the FO’s fly off your needles. The girls look great in their hats, but I really love that kerchief on you. The button is beautiful.Happy New Year, Loribird! May it be as you wish.

  2. Happy New Year! The kerchief/snow photos are gorgeous! They look almost like something out of a catalog- maybe its your pretty off-white top and running around in all that snow with your red kerchief on.

  3. What a great idea NaSpiMoMo is! Thanks for the heads up. I love those tams! So pretty!Happy New Year, Lori. May you be blessed with good health and prosperity in all things. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. .. wish you were here to build a snowman with me. And then help shovel and tote firewood :)Heh! I might have fallen for that in the first couple of years I’d lived in Maine – but, now, I’m onto the subtly mentioned intent! Boy, it is a heavy snow year for us in Central Maine….the snowbanks now spilling over the garden fence. The sheep don’t seem to mind – I think they’re still mad about having to stand on the other side of said fence and drool over all those yummy plants….better not to even know it’s there. Happy 08 to you and your bee-ewe-tiful family!

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