While You Were Sleeping

No, I didn’t sleep a lot last night; don’t even ask me. Full nasal drainage and general malaise kept me awake, so I put the time to good use. I watched two movies (“Serenity” – and oh, I’m so in love! – and “The Sound of Music” which was on ABC.)

Finished knitting the two projects from yesterday (they’re still damp, and one needs a button, so better photos later today…)

I started another one too – this was so much fun it really seemed to speed along. (This is Tam Two of “Three Tams” from the latest Knitty.)

I’m going to go get another cup of coffee. And keep it warm with a mug cozy 🙂


3 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping

  1. The tam is knitting up beautifully! I’m going to give the Beaufort hat pattern a try very soon.I’m a big fan of Serenity/Firefly — such a disappointment that there aren’t any more episodes. Oh well, I’m making do with Dr. Who (that David Tennant is pretty fabulous in his own way).Happy New Year!

  2. I just saw Serenity for the first time, too! I heard they were making a sequel, which makes me happy because I love Firefly, but I also think that Serenity was wrapped up so nicely, I’m not sure where they could go.

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