Habby Dew Yea’!

Aie! You know a knitter’s feeling bad when she puts down the needles. My sinuses are as pressurized as an airplane cabin! I doubt I’ll make it to the midnight countdown.

I just can’t do the nearly-laceweight silk on teeny needles tonight – and this is the last project I had wanted to finish. Ah well, it’s going to be a great one to start off my list with the Loose Knit Group KAL (January is mittens and gloves – yippee!)

Well, the Knitting Ruler has spoken, and it appears that my collection of mug cozies does indeed count as ONE project (Durn! I knew I should have knit one for my mom’s house, one for my dad’s, a pair for my in-laws’, and a pair for our house… ah well, could you blame me for trying?) which does indeed leave my final total for the Knitting War at 14.

A final round-up, just for the sake of it:

0. Dec. 13 – received and accepted the invitation to join The Knitting War
1. Dec. 14 – finished Golden Delicious socks
2. Dec. 16 – finished Andy’s handspun mitts
3. Dec. 19 – finished Anu’s Mittens
4 and 5. Dec. 20 – finished 2 neck gaiters
6 and 7. Dec. 24 – finished 2 pair mittens (posted Dec. 26)
8 and 9. Dec. 27 – finished stranded pink hat and Koolhaas hat (better photos on Dec. 28)
10. Dec. 28 – finished Tudora to match Koolhaas
11, 12, 13. Dec 30 – finished set of 6 mug cozies, Apres-Ski Kerchief, and Handspun Beaufort Hat (all posted Dec. 31)
14. Dec. 31 – finished Tam Two of Three

It was fun to see how much I could get done when challenged, though I must say that I’m looking forward to knitting at a less frantic pace. I’m thinking it’s about time I got on my Autumn Rose (my Pressssciousssss!) and I have my eye on some lace as well – not to mention the mountains of beautiful roving that are going untouched in the Wool Room!

I’m not much for resolutions, but this coming year I am planning to knit some sweaters for other people (I’ve only made them for myself so far,) so that’s what I’ve got as a “goal” as regards to my fibery pursuits. I foresee quite a bit of stranded knitting in my future (Kauni, anyone?) but I’m not holding myself to any particular projects. I’d just like to keep learning and creating.

It’s been a good year, here’s to making the next even better!

“In the rhythm of knitting needles there is music for the soul.”

All for this year!


14 thoughts on “Habby Dew Yea’!

  1. I’m taking it easy tonight too. All the smoke from the firecrackers are reeking havoc on my allergies. I love your resolution to just “keep learning and creating.” I’d like to adopt it for my own, if that’s okay. :)Have a Happy New Year, Lori. It’s been wonderful getting to know you and Hannah in 2007 and I look forward to reading more about your adventures in 2008!

  2. I just love this time of year. When it looks so dreary outside, which I love, bright little flowers look that much more fresh. You knitting in the previous post is awesome. I do have to admit though when your blog came up I almost freaked thinking you had just started those gloves and were that far. Whew!!!!!!

  3. Wow! Congrats on all the knitting finishing! And I’m feeling your sinus pain–literally. I made it ’till midnight last night, barely, but the night before I was in bed by 7! Here’s hoping this last day of vacation will be enough to get us both feeling better.

  4. One comment for many of your recents posts. The tam is beautiful and I love the mug cozies. You put up a heck of a fight, in the knitting war! Congrats on getting the job done. :-)And Habby Dew Yea to you, too.

  5. Your Wine & Roses mitts are very beautiful. I hope you are feeling better today. I realize I, too, have some mittens to complete, perfect for January’s project. I can’t wait to see Autumn Rose.

  6. WOW, TONS of knitting gifts….you could always send them to the way of the Knitting Gods if your akin to finding them a home ;)Thanks for playing the game, a fun time was had by all. Winners will be announced later with total amounts donated to what charity.

  7. Happy New Year! I got Shetland 4 for Christmas and I keep looking at Autumn Rose…but seriously? I have a sweater commitment problem… Thought I do love that sweater….

  8. Wow! That’s a lot of knitting. I’ve decided that just as I did for Anne, I’m going to make a donation to Unicef to commemorate your efforts. I am hugely impressed with your total. I think that’s more knitting than I finished all year.

  9. Nice mitts! And everything else. I have a stash of moderate (here’s where my DH laughs) proportions and came home from Christmas with a sweater’s worth of Manos del Uruguay. However, I want to do a Kauni out of handspun this winter. Yikes!I think this might be the year of sweaters for ME, as the last three (four?) have been sweaters for others. DS, DD, DFIL, DS, DM. My turn! Oh, I did two for myself in there, but they’re pilling. Pooh!

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