Mimosa Mitts

Before I show off my newest and favoritest finished project, I have a few questions to attend to.

Firstly, a lot of folks really like the silk/merino yarn I bought at my little local shop, and asked how to get some. I’m afraid that skein was the only one, which is partly why I felt we were meant to be together, as I’d been eying it for so long… Done Roving Farm is a Maine-based company, and they may have some info on acquiring their yarns on their website. If any more turns up, I just may have to buy it and use it as a carrot for a blog contest. 🙂

Secondly, I want to answer a question I get asked a lot, though it was Peggy who queried last night. She said, “How much time do you spend a day on knitting or spinning?

The short answer is, “Probably too much,” and another short answer is, “I’m not sure how to keep track.” I’ve said before that I knit all the time and I do mean all the time.

I generally spend a two or three hours each night after the kids are in bed with my needles in hand, and there are two one-hour dance lessons each week that I knit through (in the waiting room, the girls are the ones doing the dancing.) There is also a knit-group I try to attend each week that lasts two hours or so. Those are the big chunks of time, but I find that most of my knitting seems to get done in the moments between other activities.
Listening to the girls doing their homework? I’ll be knitting. A few minutes on the phone? My needles are clicking away. Boil the spaghetti for ten minutes? You can find me and my knitting at the kitchen table. I’ve been known to knit in line at the post office and the DMV, in the parking lot before school lets out, and definitely while I read books, blogs, and magazines. Spinning requires a bit more attention and a time; you may have noticed I’ve been slacking in that department lately (planning to remedy that this afternoon…) I’d say that I like to spin 4-6 hours a week, more when I find the time.

So, there you have it, I’m far too addicted; and here you have the pretties I’ve finished so far this year.

Endpaper Mitts, by Eunny Jang
Size 0 (2.0mm) dpms (Knitpicks Harmony)
Louet Gems Pearl, undyed, for the foreground; my own handspun hand-dyed superwash merino for the background (it’s the “Mimosa” yarn leftover from the Golden Delicious socks I made a few weeks ago.)

I really love the way these turned out. I did make one small mistake – I forgot to go up a needle size after the ribbing, so they are very snug and required some severe blocking to make them fit. If I make another pair, I’ll be remembering that instruction! But all in all I’m very happy with them.

All for now!


13 thoughts on “Mimosa Mitts

  1. Hi Loribird,It’s nice to read about the habits of someone who’s as addicted to knitting as I am. The full-time job interferes with a lot of quality knitting time, but at least I don’t have to drive myself and can knit during the commute.Knit Long & Prosper!

  2. Your Endpaper Mitts are gorgeous!!! What Fair Isle knitting tool did you end up using? Did I see Celtic Swan needles under the mitts in your first picture? Your handspun Mimosa yarn is beautiful. I just love using up my handspun on a project like this as it is too precious to waste.

  3. Beautiful mitts. Whew! You kind of make my hands ache reading how much you knit! I always get sidetracked reading about other people knitting to get as much accomplished as I want to.

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