The weather outside is terribly frightful – it’s been above freezing for days, and reached a ridiculous high of 54 degrees F yesterday! As you might imagine, my beloved snow has been reduced to slush and mud, mostly mud and puddles by now. I’ve been staying indoors.

Indoors is good for the knitting and spinning – I’m nearly done with the Earth socks, and I’m FINALLY almost finished with the silk handspun Wine and Roses mitts that I’ve been “working on” for, er, nearly a year now… I plan to have them finished up tonight.

I oiled up the wheel, and got back into it with 4 ounces of superwash Corriedale wool, the November offering from Hello Yarn’s fiber club.

She called it “Toxic,” and it was just the shot of brilliant color I needed in this gray weather.

I got 240 yards of light-worsted-ish weight yarn from it, and I’m not sure what I plan to make yet.

In the spirit of full (or close to full) disclosure, I have to flash my spinning fiber stash. In addition to what is displayed in the Wall O’ Roving…

There is this whole basket full of “Happy,” as Andy would say. Um, yes, the big basket and the smaller basket next to it are both full (though to be fair, the small basket holds yarn-to-be that shall be sold.)

So of course I had to jump at Aija’s half 70/30 sw. merino/seacell and half 80/10/10 sw merino/cashmere/nylon set that she had in her Etsy store. I mean, really, it’s merino, seacell, and cashmere folks!

Screaming to become the most amazing handspun sock yarn ever. You couldn’t have said no either.

All for now.


5 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. All right,now why did you leave Homer? Really, I am going down next weekend for Zoey’s ski race. We could spin. Or rather, I could mind meld and figure out how to be a better spinner.Your fiber work is gorgeous. Thanks for flashing it.

  2. Nice flash ;)The lighting today is so bad or I would have shared a pic of the merino/alpaca blend from your store I spun into sock yarn– so nice πŸ™‚

  3. Toxic is not a good color name for that yarn….because the colors are so beautiful, I would call it something a lot nicer, like Alaska Sunset!So glad you can stay indoors with your fiber!

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