I’ve started a lot of new things this week.

I received the newest issue of “Piecework,” a lesser-known Interweave publication, and I was smitten with Nancy Bush’s “Stork’s Nest Lace Scarf.” (Not to mention the amazing Rovaniemi mitts, and the Poetry Mittens!) I wanted to use a skein of Morehouse Merino laceweight that was gifted to me by the lovely Laurie but it only has 220 yards (The pattern calls for almost twice that.) No problem, I just cast on fewer stitches (35, for those of you who are curious.)

I don’t think they’re storks’ nests, perhaps chickadees’…

I could no longer resist the call of the Selbuvotter.

These are NHM #8 from Terri Shea’s fantastic book, Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition. I’m knitting them using a sportish-weight handspun from a local alpaca farm.

The yarns are undyed, and I’ve actually met (and petted!) the critters they came from. “Ruiz” is the white fellow, the prize stud of the flock. “Starry Night” is a gentle gelding with an unusual true black coat and a propensity to “HUMMMM” at visitors. Knitting with the yarn is a joy for the memories and the lovely yarn.

Since I feel incomplete without a pair of socks on the needles (and I had to have something to knit while I watched the first of the Jane Austin Masterpiece Theater specials on PBS last Sunday…) I started a pair of socks for Squirrel Girl the Elder.

However, most of my fancy-free and footloose days of endless, unbridled knitting have ended for the time being. There are some new items in the wool room that require my devoted attention.

Today was my first day back at school, and I have to admit that I was so excited last night that I could hardly sleep. I’m taking Botany and Applied Statistics this semester, and I’m thrilled with my professors. In May I’ll be taking a week-long intensive course on Avian Rehabilitation. It doesn’t get much better than this in my book…

All for now! If you don’t hear from me for a few days, I’m just doing my homework 🙂


8 thoughts on “Starts

  1. Knitting is as stupendous as ever!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. Woman, if you are anything like I was when I went back to school (when I was in the mid-thirties) I didn’t hardly have time to breath much less knit. Don’t you just love school? What do you want to be when you grow up?

  2. We must be on the same cosmic wavelength as I purchased the new Pieceworks on my way home today and I ordered Selbuvotter yesterday. I want to make that Bird’s Nest scarf, too, with some of my cashmere/merino handspun. I loved reading about the alpacas who helped to create your Selbuvotter glove. I wish you all the best with your classes!

  3. Scarfs and mittens and socks, OH MY! The scarf is beautiful (deep thoughts on getting that magazine!) and I’m really impressed with the mitten.Did you bring an apple for the teachers? Will they let you knit in class?

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