It has begun

The beginning of a my first semester back at university may not be the best time to start a new relationship, but I’m afraid I had no choice. Love moves at its own pace, and I could resist no longer.

I received the Knitpicks Options needles in the size I needed (2.75mm) and cast on almost immediately. I am already in love with the shifting colors, the tiny stitches, the clever shaping… I can tell this feeling will last.

My Precious, my Autumn Rose Pullover, is underway.

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12 thoughts on “It has begun

  1. Congrats on being back at university! Autumn Rose is going to be gorgeous, and knitting is my favorite way to take a break from the stress of schoolwork.

  2. Hooray! It’s prettier than I had imagined! I was getting ready to offer to send you my KnitPicks 2.75mm needles. Now that you school life is getting more challenging it only makes sense that your knitting life gets more interesting, too.

  3. O my God~~Does are gorgeous Pullover!I can’t wait to see does finsh up!Another thing, check out my knitting blog too! See what you think!Comment me also!Thanks!Charles

  4. Thank you so much for my award!!! I’m so glad I make your day!!!! I’ve always enjoyed your blog (I miss Alaska!) and am so thrilled that you enjoy mine!! Now to pick my 10 recipients! Oh, there so many!

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