I’m still here

Dear Blog Friends,

I’ve missed you! When I said I’d be busy, I had no idea… I’ve been keeping up with things (Well, not the laundry so much, but that’s not really new…) but I’ve let the blogging slide. I hope you don’t mind too terribly; I’ve been reading blogs and still playing some on Ravelry. Let’s see if I can catch you up on the past week or so…

Carla told me I make her day, and that made me smile. Micki agreed, so I’m doubly honored!

I really like this award, and I’ve seen it circulating Blogland for a bit now. There are so many blogs I read, and I enjoy all of them. I’m supposed to pick 10 bloggers to pass the award to, so I’ll narrow my choices by including some folks who haven’t gotten this recognition yet.

  1. My dearest Farm-Witch, whose spinning is a great inspiration, and who makes me feel I’m not alone in my mild-to-moderate insanities…
  2. Eva, who is always trying new things (with great success!) I love her sense of humor too.
  3. Peggy is upbeat and hilarious, a lace-knitter extraordinaire who is also grammy to the adorable Emma Belle.
  4. Rabbitch, whose posts I always look forward to (though I’ swear she’s going to make me actually spew coffee out my nose one of these days…)
  5. Aija, another fantastic spinner and a fellow sock addict. (And have you seen her stitch markers? The woman is a machine.)
  6. Laurie, once a swap-pal of mine; I’m happy whenever I see she’s posted to her knit blog, she’s like that great neighbor you’re always glad to chat with. She makes beautiful stitch markers too!
  7. RuthieJ, an accomplished knitter who posts wonderful photos of the birds in her area. (And you thought getting good photos of knits was hard?)
  8. Trixie, a knitter and birder whose photos of Alaskan landscapes make me homesick. Her daughter is a biathlon competitor competing in the next Arctic Winter Games!
  9. Robin, who always has so much going on! Her husband’s blacksmithing adventures are a bonus.
  10. Susan, on of my favorite fiber-painters, just started her blog, which makes me so happy!!!

So there you are; each of you, if you would like, can nominate ten folks who make your day. I hope my readers may discover a blog or two that makes them smile too.

On to the knitting!

I’ve done only a tiny bit on my poor Selbu mittens. I’m working on the decreases for the first mitten. I’d better hurry, I want to get them done before the end of January for the Loose Knit Group!

I started and finished some socks for Elder Squirrel, who managed to outgrow her Christmas socks between my measuring her feet (Halloween) and gifting her the socks!

She’s quite happy with these, and also managed to acquire a pair of non-superwash socks that accidentally went for a trip through the washer.

A friend of mine is expecting her second child in April, and I’ve decided to use up some of my sock-yarn leftovers making baby socks.

She is determined to wait to find out the gender of her child, so I’m knitting a variety of colors.

Andy made me a book stand for my Autumn Rose pattern.

It speeds things up so much I’m already past the waist decreases!

All for now, friends. I’ll try not to be so absent this week.


9 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Hmmm….that hubster of yours is a nifty guy to have around, no?thanks beyond thanks for loving me for my craziness – an experience is still new to me as it always seemed less of a desirable characteristic out there in the knitting muggle world!

  2. Autumn Rose is sooo beautiful!!! Which yarn holder are you using to strand the yarn along? I received Selbuvotter last week, your mittens are very pretty. Great socks for your daughter, I love the cable down the side.

  3. Beautiful mitten! Which pattern is that? I might just have to do a lemming and cast on for that. Autumn Rose is breathtaking. Andy was so sweet to make you a stand for the pattern! We should all be so lucky. 🙂

  4. Hi Loribird,Thank you for the award. I will strive to continue to deserve it!I’m amazed at the amount of knitting you can get done even with schoolwork added on top of all your other duties now.The Autumn Rose sweater is beautiful. I love those colors.

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