Moments in my morning

Did you know you can change the language option on Blogger? As a former linguistics student, it amuses me to no end, so you can probably expect to see the language of the date etc. changing quite a bit. (It’s the little things that make me happy…)

My favorite sight on washing-day.

The wool room may not be seeing too much fiber-action, but the futon pulls out into a fabulous napping spot…

…sometimes I get to try it out too.

By the way, I should have known someone would ask: the sock yarn in the previous post (er, the one before that, rather) is some of my own hand dyed. It’s the stuff I called “Painted Desert,” and I think I might have a skein or two left. I’ll have to re-list them in my Etsy shop… (That’ll go on the to-do list above the darning, I believe…)

All for now.


8 thoughts on “Moments in my morning

  1. Love the picture of the socks! There’s something about clothes, socks, whatever hanging out. Must be the collection of colors. Boy! Pup sure looks comfy!

  2. How cool that for your first time playing with the language option, you chose to switch it to French! Now you know that you have (at least) one French speaking reader! And I’ve been studying linguistics too (more precisely: ethnolinguistics).The picture of the drying socks is great!

  3. What is the pattern for the pink socks on the right on the banister? I love them! And the sight of that many handknit pairs of socks being displayed (or drying)….

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