All things come to an end…

Some things just have more ends than others.

I finished my mittens last night, wove in all the ends and damp-blocked them overnight. I’m really pleased with how they came out, and I hope my pal likes them too.

Sea Mineral Mittens (pdf) (also a free Ravelry download) by SpillyJane (blog, pattern link in sidebar)
1.75 mm (US 00) dpns

Knitpicks Palette in: Nutmeg, Sky, Verdant Heather, Hyacinth, Golden Heather, and Blush

Whew! Not that I didn’t enjoy knitting these mittens, but for awhile there I thought I’d never be done… Now that they’re off in the mail, the question remains… what to knit on today?

There’s my poor neglected Autumn Rose, still Precioussss, but I’m starting to wonder if I’ll get it finished before sweater season is through.

There is the second of the pair of socks I’ve been knitting from my Painted Desert yarn. I’ve only had the toe to finish for the past week… I mean really, who lets a pair of socks sit around with only ONE TOE left to knit!!?! Sheesh. I suppose I’d better get on that ASAP, just to maintain some semblance of knitterliness in this place.

I’ve also started a Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend who’s expecting her baby (gender as yet unknown)in April (Hi Sarah!) and I’m hoping to knit a pair of baby pants to go with it.

Oh, and wait, didn’t I have another pair of mittens, nearly half-done, that I started back in January??

And here I thought I’d have room to start a new project… Back to the WIP’s!

Oh, and by the way, I’ve arranged for the blog to post the date etc. in “Irish” today, just for the fun of it šŸ™‚ Happy St. Paddy’s.

All for now.


18 thoughts on “All things come to an end…

  1. Hi Loribird,Are you saving your leftover yarn pieces for bird nests? If you cut them into short lengths (4-5″) and put them out on shrub and tree branches in your backyard, the birds may find them and incorporate them into their nest building. You could also fill an old suet basket and hang it so the birds could pull pieces of yarn out of that.Wool makes an especially nice nest lining for baby birds because it keeps them warm even if it gets damp!

  2. Those are some pretty mittens, I’m starting to feel a Fair Isle twitch coming on. I am reminded of a Fiesta Foot I have that needs a mate. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on your current projects choosing your next project, it sounded all too familiar to me.

  3. Nice mittens! I just wanted to let you know, too, that the date on this post is ravelry is Mar 8, 2017, so it’s staying at the top of my list of friend’s blogs. I don’t know if you remember me – I met you at Amy’s last summer. Hope to see you down this way again sometime!

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