Walk with me?

It would seem my immune system has had enough of the Maine winter; I suspect she’s headed out for a vacation in some warm, sunny locale, leaving me here to deal on my own. As you may surmise from that, I’m not dealing so well. I’m working on the third (Fourth? Who knows?) incarnation of the Common Cold in a month, and it’s wearing me down. I’m barely managing to keep up with school, let alone housework, and knitting is moving at a snail’s pace. I recall last year a friend said to me, “Oh, Lori, you’re always sick!” and it seems to be true, at least during the dampness that often comes with the change of seasons. My lungs just don’t like it, no siree. So that’s why I’ve been scarce of late, please forgive.

I did get a reprieve on Sunday, both from the weather and feeling under it. I took full advantage and let my Constant Companion lead me out for a meander down the road.

Believe it or not, this is a sure sign of spring in these parts. See how dry the road is? No ice whatsoever. And those banks of snow are crusty and wet, melting more each day. If you step on one, you’ll break through the icy crust and down into the “rotten” snow-slush underneath.

As usual, we stopped by the river to see what’s new.

Just a few weeks ago, there was knee-deep snow on the bank and an inches-thick sheet of ice over the water . Now one can almost imagine the grass growing green again…

I stooped low to inspect the ice that was left clinging to the bank when the water level dropped. It looked a bit like lace.

Just around the bend, the snow was still deep in a little shaded valley. I saw a tiny leaf, just the size of my thumbnail, hanging on still.

We walked on. I saw through the trees a little rise I hadn’t noticed before.

Picking our way through the brush, we were rewarded with a short climb and over the top – a wide open field, full of sunlight and dry, dead grass. It made for one very happy dog.

You can hardly see him there in the center, he blends in rather well. He raced exuberant circles for no less than ten minutes while I stood watching and soaking up the sun.
I don’t know who owns the field; it seems to have been mowed before winter, and there is a trailer with some boxes parked at the edge. It was not posted “No Trespassing,” so I felt free to enjoy the space.

Walking back toward home, we found this little bit of a creek broken free of the ice and burbling along merrily.

This “Tree Throne” has been one of my favorite sights along the road for some time now. It’s taller than I am, and looks like it’s just waiting for someone to come have a seat and hold court.

I stopped to inspect the birch bark that is peeling in thin strips, fluttering like streamers. Rudy snuffled and tasted a bit and seemed less than impressed. I’m hoping it’s another sign of impending spring.

Here’s to warmer weather and green stuff. I have to say, I’m about ready for it.


7 thoughts on “Walk with me?

  1. I am sorry you are feeling punky. We have been battling one thing and another here, too.What a lovely walk to share. Spring will come, I swear! And we took Flat Jetty for a walk tonight. She saw a gorgeous sunset!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the cold. I’ve been fighting some kind of flu this week so I know what it’s like to be under the weather. It just ain’t no fun.I love the nature shots! Especially the one with your dog in the field. It was like a “Where’s Waldo?” type of thing.

  3. Hi Loribird,I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly….there’s so much crud going around this winter.I loved going for a walk with you and your pup. Our rivers are ice-free again, but the little lakes & reservoirs are just starting to lose ice at the edges. Dry roads and fields are a sign of spring for me too.

  4. I’d say your cold is anything BUT common! You poor thing. You walk looks like it was a wonderful, healing time. I can practically feel the fresh air all the way here! Too bad we can’t all run in circles for 10 minutes. LOL.

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