Why, yes, I do have a blog…

It’s time for me to check in again…

I’ve finished the “Loksins!” socks, though it’s too warm to wear them now. (Not that I’m complaining. Spring is good.)

Elvish Forest Socks
Pattern: Loksins! (links in previous posts, I’m too lazy tonight.)
Yarn: Handspun superwash merino, from batts by Enchanted Knoll Farm (“Wood Elves”)
Needles: 2.25mm/US1 dpns

I’ve started spinning up some roving for a large-ish project.

I bought one pound of targhee dyed in “Blueberry Patch” from Susan’s Spinning Bunny, and I’m spinning it at my comfort-weight, which should produce something near sport-weight yarn. I’m planning to knit a sweater with it, though I haven’t settled on a pattern yet. It will be my very first sweater knit entirely from handspun. I’m wondering how the “Apres Surf Hoodie” from the Summer ’08 Interweave Knits would look in handspun… would the striping clash too badly with the lace pattern?

I also started a pair of “Froot Loop” socks from the Knitty.com spring surprise. Actually, I started them twice; the first yarn I chose was too variegated and disguised the pattern. Photos of those later, as I don’t have any now and it’s too dark for decent ones.

And if you’ll forgive me, that’s all I’ve got for now. My final exams for this semester are coming up next week, so I’ll be scarce until they’re through. But then I have the entire summer ahead of me (a month sans Squirrel-Girls too, since they are in school until mid-June…) and my yarns are already quivering in anticipation!

All for now!


14 thoughts on “Why, yes, I do have a blog…

  1. luv those loskins!and your spinning project is going to be great.I suspect that if you just random spin sections, and then ply it however it comes out, that your stripe effect will be random and variable enough to be enjoyable.I’ve knit lots of lace socks with a hand dyed stripe type yarn, and it worked well… but you’ll have to wait and test it on the sweater. Yummy colors!

  2. Love your socks! I’m (slowly) working up to spinning a sweater qty too… when I get the nerve and wool washed up 🙂 I like your fiber bucket, too!

  3. I could have used those beautiful socks this weekend. BRRR! But in the 70’s today. Go figure.Colors for the Apres Surf Hoodie? You know that “they” say. Swatch, swatch, swatch. I don’t say it but “they” might be right on this one. 🙂

  4. Love the Loksins – that’s obviously a great pattern for handspun! As for the Apres-Surf, I’m not even sure swatching will get you there, since the stripes will come out so differently over the full number of stitches. But my instinct says go for it: the colors in that yarn are all cousins, so you’re not going to get violent color changes, and the arrowhead lace pattern is so even and wallpaper-y that I don’t think it’s going to really fight with the subtle handspun striping. Plus I want to see how it looks, and we can have an Apres-Surf-along, because I have a load of Cashcotton 4-Ply that’s been thoroughly marinated in the stash. 😉

  5. Your Loskins look great in your handspun yarn, a lovely combination of pattern and color. I know what you mean about your future sweater, the dramatic changes in color might not mix nicely with lace. I look forward to seeing a swatch and what you do with this gorgeous roving.

  6. Oh the Loskins are gorgeous! And what an ambitious spinning project. I think you’re going to totally rock the handspun handknit sweater. I’m really looking forward to watching its progress. 🙂

  7. those quivering yarns…..they sure do get exciteable, eh?A handspun sweater is a treasure like none other….I sleep in the first one I ever made (without a pattern and sort of frantic so not really an icon of my knitterly expertise that I’d wear in public) and the red silk one – ahem, makes my shoulders feel tickle rubbed all day long.If it’s too warm for your socks – you could always give them to me (evil laugh) as I suffer from southerner transplant in Maine syndrome also known as perpetual cold feeties.

  8. I’m so impressed by your spinning ability… what AMAZING socks. At first I wondered what yarn that was and thought I MUST HAVE IT. Then I thought, “that looks much richer and more complex than any hand-dyed sock yarn I’ve ever seen” and then it dawned on me that it was handspun. Whoa. They’re just perfect!!!

  9. Good luck with your exams!Honestly – I think there is nothing better in this world than handspun/handknit socks. THAT is luxury to me. 🙂

  10. I’m not usually big on repeating sock patterns, but I love the LOKSINS so much that I’m planning to. Besides, I gave my first pair away to my sisiter, and now I need a pair for myself. Yours are beautiful.

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