Testing Newton’s First Law

“An object in motion tends to remain in motion…”

Dear You,

I spent the first months of the new year ignoring my blog because of the law stated above, and the past month ignoring it because of the inverse. I have been one lazy lump of knitter-meat for the past two weeks.

I finished my exams for this semester on a Thursday, around 2 pm. I walked out of the science building into the spring air, looked around and realized I didn’t have a single obligation for three months. For a moment, I felt free and full of anticipation for what I could do. Hiking. Gardening. Endless days of knitting and spinning.
Then the moment sagged and I realized… I didn’t know what to do with myself. Without the rushing schedule of school/home/errands/homework/housework I felt… lost. Disorganized. And exhausted.

I filled the void rather quickly, albeit in a temporary manner. Both the Squirrel Girls are taking dance lessons this year, and as anyone involved in such a venture knows, the end of the dance season is a bustle of rehearsals and costuming and photos. The costumes for Littlest Squirrel’s class were back-ordered at the last minute, and I agreed to help out the desperate instructor by sewing eight cowgirl/cowboy outfits. It wasn’t hard, but did fill the time for a week or so. An added bonus is that I can now add “Pair of Chaps” to my sewing resume. Who would’ve guessed.

Once that was finished, though, I was again overwhelmed by the span of days ahead of me. I don’t know what was happening, but for awhile I couldn’t even become interested in knitting. I sluggishly frogged the “Froot Loop” socks from Knitty (my second yarn choice wasn’t working out either.) In desperation, I resurrected the “Chickadee’s Nest Scarfette” from some months ago and have been carrying it around with me, working on it now and again.

It’s still got a long way to go, but it’s happening. I was getting back in motion again.

I continued spinning the targhee wool I’ve been working on, a bit each morning after getting the girls onto the bus to school. I’m through about nine ounces of it so far, and I’ll have to ply soon to free up some bobbins for more singles.

Just when I was starting to wonder if I’d ever see a finished knitted object again, or if I should sell off all my yarn and take up watercolors or something, I remembered about Socks. Just plain, no pattern socks.

I had a skein of sKnitches Syncopation in the color “Leaflet” that I had been saving for such an occasion. For those of you who don’t know, Syncopation is a hand-dyed self-striping yarn. I bought it wanting to see how good stripes could get in the hands of an expert (which one must be to dye with such precision.) I’m telling you, it’s pretty darn good.

I wound up the yarn. I cast on and settled onto the sofa with a Netflix disc. The yarn twiddled and flew.

The yarn feels thick and cushy. It’s all wool but has an almost cottony texture to it. The colors are crisp and the striping is precise.

It only took me one try to get both socks to match up.

Looks like I’m knitting again. I’ll be around, and I’ll try to remember the blog every now and again. Once I dig my way out of my email inbox, that is…

All for now.


10 thoughts on “Testing Newton’s First Law

  1. Sometimes it is a pain to have sewing skills. Sigh. I think those dance teachers guilt trip us mothers!What is the pattern like for the Chickadee Nest scarfette? It is gorgeous.Glad you survived. I hope you enjoy your summer.

  2. congrats on completing the semester – that’s a huge accomplishment. I hope all the dance stuff went well – I’m impressed with the costume sewing.

  3. Hi Lori,Finally I’ve made my way to make a comment on your truly amazing blog!!! Not my first visit to your site, but I just figured out how to respond. Holy knitting needles you’ve been busy!!! Congrats on finishing your classes! I bet it feels great to be done. Enjoy your summer, one (or several in your case)knitting project at a time. I’m a little jealous of your hot weather at the moment. Take care. Tell the girls and Andy hello šŸ™‚ My nephew Lee and I tried to send a comment months ago to Jetty, but were unsuccessful. Please pass on a hello. He mentioned Jetty, just a couple of weeks ago when we were talking about his friends at school. He said he wished Jetty were still here. Sweet, huh?

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