Cat Bordhi Made Me Do It

I’ve been in a frenzy of start-itis, and I blame at least the beginning of it on Cat Bordhi. Before I get into that though, I have a couple “Thank You”s to say.

I won some gorgeous handspun from Cayli when she was running a contest/fundraiser for her 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. The colors are beautiful, and it’s wonderful to see someone else’s handspun for a change.

Becky over at Westerly Whimsies held a contest to celebrate her graduation and blogiversary, and I won some great sock yarn.

It’s Brown Sheep Wildefoote in “Elderberry,” and it’s going to be wonderful to knit up. I love the deep, rich colors.

Thank you so much, you guys!

So, what did Cat Bordhi make me do? Well, I finally got my hands on a copy of her book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters (Book One), and I read through it twice at my local yarn shop before it leaped into my bag and came home with me. Rebel that I am, I started out with one of the full-size patterns rather than the baby-sized socks. (Ooo, walking on the dangerous side!)

This is the first of “Bartholomew’s Tantalizing Socks(Ravelry link) knit up in a Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel sock yarn (colorway: “Icicle.”)

Something about them makes me think of elves, so I call them my “Cloud Elf Socks.” The pattern is great, though a bit tricky. It was like knitting socks for the first time – I was just following directions without a thorough understanding of what I was making as I approached the heel… No heel flap? Increase in the leg section? Very odd indeed! I’m absolutely hooked.

Inspired by Ms. Bordhi’s take on form, I started her Mobius cowl, which I figured (correctly) would be a quicker and easier knit. It only took a day and a half.

I used just over half the skein of 50/50 wool/silk yarn from Done Roving Farms that I bought last winter. (The color is called “Carnival.”)

I’m very pleased with the outcome.

Because the yarn is a light worsted weight, I only used a 4.0 mm (US 6) needle, so my cowl is closer fitting than the sample pictured on the pattern website. (The original pattern calls for bulky yarn and a 6mm/US 10 needle, creating a much larger cowl.) I like it that way, though, and the heaviness of the yarn lends a wonderful drape to the fabric.

Once that “easy” project was finished, I wanted something else to work on in front of a movie in the evenings. I started knitting a pair of Fiber Trends’ Felted Clogs, using some of the Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted I’ve accumulated. Since the yarn is held double throughout, I’ve made a bit of a dent in that section of the stash.

The clogs have yet to be felted, as you can see. I should add, too, that I managed to get entirely turned around while I was knitting them, and actually knit the first clog three times to finally get it right. *Sigh* Perhaps not such a great movie-watching project after all…

I’ve had my eye on the Apres Surf Hoodie from the most recent Interweave Knits ever since I saw it on the preview page. I found a great deal on some cones of Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fine (from Patternworks!) in a discontinued color (“Silver Plum”) and I had to cast on as soon as it arrived.

I really love how it’s working up so far. I’m using 3.25mm needles (US 3) and I’m pretty much using the sleeve as a gauge swatch. The fabric is light and lovely, and I’m anxious to finish the sweater and wear it in the coolness of the Maine summer evenings.

Oops! Hey, look at that, I finished one of the “Cloud Elf” socks and started another! What do you know…

Actually, Andy had the second part of his sleep-apnea-surgery this past Monday, and this sock got some attention paid during my time waiting in the hospital. He’s doing alright and we’re back home now.

With all these new projects on the needles, I have to assure you I haven’t forgotten about my other works-in-progress; the Autumn Rose sweater (My Preciousssss) is still around, though I’m sorry to say I seem to have done a bit of *ahem* growing this winter so it may be a bit tight unless I can keep going to the gym as I started this week… I’ll admit, that’s the reason I’ve not been working on it lately. That, and I need to sit down with the charts and some quiet to knit it, and busy life circumstances have made that difficult lately.
I’m still working on the “Chickadee Scarf” here and there, which is a modification of the Nancy Bush’s “Stork’s Nest Scarf” from the Jan/Feb issue of Piecework Magazine. (The winter issue is sold out on the Interweave site, but there are some available through other sources online, if one is interested.) I had less yardage, so I cast on fewer stitches for a more narrow scarf.
I have nearly forgiven the Spider’s Web Shawl for her transgressions a couple months ago; I may pull it out soon and try to figure where I lost my place and how to salvage the knitting. Again, though, there’s the issue of charts and uninterrupted time…
I’m spinning away at the pound of targhee wool I started some time ago. I’ve got almost four bobbins full, so it will be time for some plying to make room for more singles.

But still… I’ve been swatching with some new projects in mind.

It’s summer. I want lighter knits. I’m on vacation from school. Anyone else got any good excuses for me? đŸ˜€

All for now.


5 thoughts on “Cat Bordhi Made Me Do It

  1. Holy PROJECTS, Miss Loribird! I’m so jealous of all your new starts (particularly the Apres-Surf, which I’m dying to start myself). And I adore your new cowl – those colors are terrific. I may need to make one for myself.

  2. I’m always amazed at the amount of knitting you get done, so fast! I was reading and thought, “Look at that! She finished a whole sock in the span of 1 post!”. Really like the mobius cowl.Hope Andy is ok.

  3. Glad the sock yarn made it okay and it’s going to be much appreciated and well used. I, too, have eyed the Apres Hoodie so I will be anxious to see how yours turns out (no pressure!)

  4. Wow, Lori, I’m so impressed with all your projects! That wool/silk yarn looks so beautiful–I love the sheen it has. Your socks are really neat too–do they have an opening at the back side of the cuff?Good stuff–thanks for sharing!

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