I’ve had a very productive week! The girls attended a 4-H summer day camp in the mornings; they had a fantastic time and I got a bit of relaxing and knitting done.

I finished the body of the Gathered Pullover.

I did make a few modifications. I added a smidge of waist-shaping, afraid that otherwise I’d end up with a very baggy sweater. I also had to knit a few extra rows (about 3/4 of an inch) above the cable to make the armhole/neckline placement work with my row gauge, which is off from the pattern.

I sewed up the shoulders and am very, very pleased with the fit (modeled by the patient and headless Zoe.)

I’m about halfway through the first sleeve..

My big accomplishment for the week is the completion of my most ambitious spinning project to date. This is what one pound of targhee wool looks like when it’s been spun into 1890 yards of fingering weight yarn:

Again, it’s the “Blueberry Patch” colorway by Susan’s Spinning Bunny.

I’m planning to knit a sweater, something simple to showcase the handspun stripes.

Getting through the end of such a large (for me) spinning project was a bit difficult. Having the “Ten Minutes a Day” pledge and unofficial “group” on Plurk helped a lot! But with it finished, I needed something new to work on.

This is the “Pumpkin Juice” batt from Enchanted Knoll’s sock batts club. It’s one of the easiest-drafting fibers I’ve ever spun. I’m in love; no, I’m addicted. Josette definitely puts something more than plain wool-fumes into her batts…

All for now.


10 thoughts on “Addicted.

  1. I’m so impressed with the Gathered Pullover – the spinning for it, and generally oohing and ahing over it only I am incredibly jealous and wonder why I don’t have a Zoe to model my things…hm……may have to fix that!

  2. The sweater is beautiful. You really did a nice job with the adjustments you made. Your spinning looks so good and at a fingering weight that is quite an accomplishment. You are an inspiration. I need to join your 10 minutes a day club.

  3. All right missy – you are now ahead of everyone else in your KAL, even though we all started before you got your yarn in the mail! You taught the girls to knit, and have been secretly outsourcing, haven’t you?!

  4. Wow… on everything 🙂 I have some of that blueberry patch yarn that you spun for me. I made fingerless mitts out of it and I have about half left over… I liked it so much that I ordered some of the fiber myself when it was on sale a few months ago. Are you going to knit the sweater top to bottom (or bottom to top) or sideways? I’m thinking of spinning yarn for a sideways pullover one of these days/months/years :)Cheers Eva

  5. Everything is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Especially the spinning. Oh how I love the handspun. Speaking of which, I love doing the 10-minutes a day with you. I’m getting so much use out of my spindles! So thank you!

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