Autumn Rose, My Precious

Nine months in the making, a love affair the entire time. Result: totally wearable.

Autumn Rose, from Simply Shetland 4: At Tomales Bay (Ravelry links)
Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, yarn ordered as a kit here
2.75 mm (US 2) circular needles, used 2.25 (US 1) for the last 5 rounds of the neckband

Modifications: I knit between the two smallest sizes for the lower torso (I drew the new shape onto the graph in the book) and increased to the second size for the shoulders. The sleeves are knit using the second size entirely. I also raised the neckline a bit, binding off for the steek on the same row as I bound off for the underarms. I’m glad I did, because it’s still pretty low on me.

I have partial balls of yarn left over in every color, though not significant yardage in any of them. I am completely and utterly hooked on fair isle knitting, and I lovelovelove steeking. So amazing to be able to knit in the round and then open up such a lovely neckline with a few scissor-snips!

Now the question remains: what to knit next?


23 thoughts on “Autumn Rose, My Precious

  1. Oh My. It’s BEAUTIFUL! I bow down to you!It was good to hear from you. I’m glad to hear you got back into a work out routine. I also had just about an 8 year hiatus too!Did I tell you that I bought a spinning wheel and am spinning now? I have only finished a few skeins (and a couple aren’t in Ravelry yet) but you can watch the top of my stash as they turn from pictures of roving, to pictures of yarn. :)I am gearing up to knit those fingerless gloves with the yarn you spun for me. It’s just too yummy to leave in a skein!!!

  2. Incredible!!! Your Autumn Rose is gorgeous! Will you be emailing Eunny Jang with a link to your blog? They might even want to put you in Interweave Press Knits and mention all your adjustments to the pattern. I bet you could make a cute hat or fingerless gloves with the extra yarn.

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