Zigging right along

Thank you so much for the wonderful words about my Autumn Rose sweater. It is probably the biggest accomplishment of my knitting so far, though the execution of it was more lengthy than actually difficult. I don’t say that from a place of modesty or to diminish the time and effort I put into it, but rather as encouragement. While it took a lot of concentration to follow the charts and keep the stranding (sort of) even, I wouldn’t say it was so advanced a project that it couldn’t be done by most of you knitters who read my blog. I think we so often assume that the making of beautiful and complex things is beyond our skills, when in reality it is easily within reach if we add a dash of ambition and confidence. After all, isn’t it, in the end, just pulling one loop through another?

That said, don’t kill me, but I finished my socks. I know, I know; I seem like a speed demon. Remember, I’m on summer vacation.

Seusian Socks; pattern is Ziggy from Knitty Summer 2008
JL Yarn “Vinca” (color 551) is the mutating color; 200 yards
Rellana “Flotte Socke” (color 812) is the purple; 300 yards
2.5 (US 1.5) dpns

I knit them cuff-down, and didn’t really follow the pattern for anything but the colorwork. They are the first stranded socks I’ve made that fit a human foot, and I’m thrilled with how whimsical they are. They will definitely brighten up some gray winter day.

I also got the first sleeve done for my Apres Surf Hoodie.

I’ve started the body, which I’m knitting in the round, though I will spare you a photo showing only two inches of dusty-purple stockinette stitch on a 29″ circular needle. Not very exciting yet, but it makes for good mindless knitting. The sweater is definitely “product knitting” at this point.

With only one project on the needles, I felt a void. I wound up some of this, just for fun.

Kauni Effektgarn 8/2, color EK

And I’ve been eying this on my shelf for some time now. I even have some ideas on how I’ll use it, though I need a similar weight natural-colored yarn to go with…

Kauni Effektgarn 8/2, color EP

I even got out the basket of worsted-weight yarns and played a little.

But in the end I steered away from more stranded knitting and dug out a pattern I’d nearly forgotten about.

This is the Luna Moth Shawl, a free pattern from Elann. I bought the yarn for it,

Bollicine Sissi (a mohair bound with nylon), some time ago. I think the color couldn’t be better, considering the shawl’s inspiration.

Lace knitting, especially in larger-scale projects, is something I admire but rarely take the time to do. So I’m taking a pinch of my own advice and jumping in with abandon. Lookout, here I come, needles flashing and yarn flying…

All for now.


9 thoughts on “Zigging right along

  1. That Apres Surf Hoodie is going to be really pretty. What is the pretty green yarn going to be? I should invest in a thesaurus so I can post a comment containing a word other than “pretty!”

  2. Look how busy you have been!! Keep on playing with color – it’s my favorite thing to do. I am really wanting to knit the Ziggy sock!! Now if I can only find the right yarn….

  3. For some reason Luna Moth drove me nuts until I realised I needed to be very organised and use alot of stitch markers! Mine is now in the post for my Mom’s birthday, yours looks lovely!

  4. Hey, aren’t summer breaks wonderful? Even though I don’t have little ones per se, I seem to be soooooooo busy. Socks look great and that yarn for the shawl is absolutley perfect.

  5. gawsh, I’m tired just watching all your knitting. So, I give you an award (see blog) and, uh, also, you won the magic ball for the Great Giveaway! Cuz, you know, all this stash knitting means you’ll be needing a new yarn to take it’s place on the shelf!

  6. Very inspiring post, Loribird! I’ve been knitting mostly hats lately, so it’s fun to see some other projects. Keep us posted on the Luna Moth Shawl….I have some white laceweight mohair hiding in my stash that might work very nicely with this pattern (thanks for the free pattern link too!)

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