I’m surfacing for a moment from the business that has consumed my days.

First off, I want to wish my dear friend Marian happy birthday today; hop on over and send a happy thought her way.

Between the long, late dinners with friends and humid, lazy days that seem to speed by in a blink, there has been some spinning….

8 oz of 60/40 merino/bamboo blend, dyed in “Hidden” colorway by Spunky Eclectic
Spun to 1400 yards of two-ply with Laminaria in mind.

There has been some knitting too…

Apres Surf Hoodie, making good progress
Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, “Silver Plum” (a very difficult hue to photograph)

There has also been a lot of wood splitting, preparing for the winter despite the heat of summer.

I’m learning how, and getting better with the ax. Very proud.

I’ve found a good wild patch and done a whole lot of berry picking.

I’ve probably picked about 5 pounds total so far, and the season isn’t even in full swing yet.

With so much fresh, wild fruit, there has, of course, been jam making.

7 of the 10 jars I have left after gifting; pies were also made and summarily consumed.

Can you blame me for not blogging?

I’ll be around again soon – the rest of our week is predicted to be rainy.


9 thoughts on “Surfacing

  1. It’s that time of year – berries and jam, and wood-splitting/stacking. You know the old adage about heating with wood. Keeps you warm twice, once to split it, once to burn it. 🙂

  2. I LOVE blueberries! It’s going to take some convincing to make me believe it will ever be cold again. It’s SOO hot here! Great handspun, too!

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