Ravelympics and other projects

The wool room has been quite busy this week.

I got my hands on some Faulkland wool dyed by Pigeonroof Studios, and I had to spin it up right away.

“Artichoke” Faulkland wool, by Pigeonroof Studios
330 yards 2-ply (sportweight)

I’m finished with the body of my Apres Surf Hoodie, I even sewed the shoulder seams.

Now all it needs is one more sleeve and the hood. Should be done just in time for cooler weather…

I’ve also finished the yoke of my experimental Equinox Yoke sweater.

At this point the yoke seems kind of deep, and I’m not sure it will work well; I’ll have to see how it fits once the sleeves are started. I’m also not certain about the wide neckline – I’m considering a deep, loose turtle neck, nearly a cowl. What do you think?

However, both those projects are on hold for the moment, as I’m participating in the Ravelympics! For those who don’t know, the Ravelympics are a knitting/spinning challenge taking place during the duration of the 2008 summer Olympic games. The “competitors” have signed up for various “events” over on Ravelry, choosing to represent different teams in each event. The individual competitors set personal goals to accomplish between the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing games.

Here is my first entry for the “Sock Put.”

“Cable Cuff socks,” my own pattern
Enchanted Knoll sock yarn, “Seal Cove”

I’m also doing the “Handspun Heptathlon,” spinning this set of Enchanted Knoll superwash merino batts:

… into a three-ply sock yarn. I’m finished with the first bobbin already. (I know, I know; 3-ply is ambitious, but I swear it’s what the fiber wanted to be…)

I’ll be doing another pair of socks for the Sock Put event, and another Handspun Heptathlon entry, as well as a pair of gloves for the Glove Decathalon.

What’s that, you think I’m a overachiever? Would you expect anything else?


6 thoughts on “Ravelympics and other projects

  1. I enjoy watching you participate in Ravelympics. Sock Wars III is my first (and last) competitive fiber event. You are making some lovely projects and I hope you do well!

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