Ravelympics highlights, live from the Wool Room

Event: Handspun Heptathlon

Tia Dalma, superwash merino batts by Enchanted Knoll Farms (Happy Hooves club)
5.15 oz (146g) 3-ply sock yarn, heavy-fingering weight
480 yards of scruptiousness

Event: Sock Put

Cable Cuff socks, my own un-vented pattern
2.25 mm/US1 dpns
Enchanted Knoll Farms sock yarn (superwash wool and nylon blend)
“Seal Cove” colorway

Event: Glove Decathalon (currently underway)

Knotty Gloves
2.25mm/US1 dpns
Araucania Ranco Multy yarn, color 310

Waiting on the sidelines…

All for now.


10 thoughts on “Ravelympics highlights, live from the Wool Room

  1. *falls over* Holy carp.. thats some gorgeous handspun! I really wish that I had the patience to spin fingering weight yarn but I don’t seem to have it in me quite yet.. I always drool over everyone’s handspun sock yarn with all that yardage! The knotty gloves are gorgeous. I have a skein of mud colored (its nicer than it sounds.. really) Araucania yarn that I want to make those gloves out of but last time I cast on my gauge was really wonky.

  2. Wow, speed racer is right! I think you are going to finish all of your goals! Mine is looking more and more doubtful as the days go on. It’s not my fault some one decided to have their wedding right in the middle of ravelympics!

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