Spinner Down!

Well, I had a second entry for the Ravelympics Handspun Heptathlon; it was to be a two-ply yarn from some BFL fiber dyed by Spunky Eclectic, a lovely color called “Burning Bush.”

I finished one bobbin of singles before I did this:

It’s sprained, though very badly, or so they say at the local rural hospital. They didn’t see any major breaks on the x-ray, so they bandaged me up, told me to take 3 ibuprofen every 4-6 hours, and sent me home with crutches.

Since someone will likely want to know (hi dad!) we were about to go hiking on Sunday, and I ran indoors to get the map. On the way out, I was being cool and took a little running arabesque-leap from the last step-down off the porch. It usually works fine. I usually miss that hole in the lawn. I heard a crunch, I was sure it was broken; it hurts like a *^*#&%$! and I’ll likely be laid up for the next few weeks.

By the way, using crutches is proving to be a lesson in patience, balance, and grace. Apparently I need some of each.

So wheel-spinning is not in my immediate future, what with elevating the ol’ left leg. I may have to do some practice with the drop spindle. I’ve been (jokingly) accused of doing this to myself to gain more knitting time. Not true, but I have been using my time to knit.

The Knotty Gloves are almost finished, just need a few more fingers.

I’ve started my second pair of socks for Ravelympics.

These will be the “Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern” from Nancy Bush’s book, Knitting Vintage Socks. I’m knitting them with some Sock Hop handspun superwash merino from Crown Mountain Farms. I believe the colorway is “Beat Goes On.”

So that’s the goings-on here. Hope your weekend was (ahem) less eventful.

All for now.


14 thoughts on “Spinner Down!

  1. Oh Noes! I’ve heard that a sprain can hurt more than a break, which doesn’t seem fair as you don’t usually get as much sympathy for it! Maybe just stick to plain old walking from now on, no more of this fancy stuff!

  2. Sorry about the injury! I had seen your singles on Ravelry and was looking forward to the gorgeousness that would be the finished yarn, but will just have to wait longer. I recommend spindle spinning (I’ve been limited to spindle for 3 weeks), though as a substitute!

  3. I’m so sorry about the sprain. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be. OTOH, think of all the lovely knitting you’ll get done. πŸ™‚

  4. OUCH! I fell two years ago (dog pulled me down the steps) and sprained mine, too. I heard that awful crack and kept asking the doctor about it being broken. It kept swelling and finally they did a MRI months later and it had been broken. Still swells. I wear a compression sock when I sit for long periods of time and overnight. Hope this is not the case with you and you mend quickly but if it continues to be bothersome — question the doctor!

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