Dog Days

Hullo there, Rudy here. Just checking in for my momma, since she’s still got her hind paw up on top of a bunch of pillows with cold stuff on it. She’s been getting around okay, for a two-footer minus-one-foot anyway. I’ve been a big help, snuggling and snoring on the couch, and I even creep under the covers at night. Just to keep her warm, you know?

Actually, I’ve got a really, really important J-O-B, that spells Job, and I get lots of pets and treats when I do it. Momma put on my hiking backpack and first I got really excited cause we were going on a Long Walk! But then she started hopping around on her new metal-paws (she calls them “crutches,” and she pokes me with them when I’m in the way!) Anyway, she started hopping around fetching stuff that should never ever ever go on a Long Walk. Stuff like bags of ice, and a towel, and a book, and snacks (well, snacks should go everywhere, but this was strange.) She put that stuff in my backpack and then she went up the stairs in her new, weird way, on her leg-elbows, and she wanted me to come with her so she could give me treats when we got to the top! It was great!

She said something about “payment for delivery” and told me I was a Good Good Boy and Very Useful and Very Very Good Boy. I’m wondering what’s up, since all I did was run up the stairs with my backpack on (a very Short Walk indeed!) but I’m not going to argue. She has more treats in her pocket, I know.

She wanted to tell you guys about her string projects. She’s finished one of the hind paw covers, it’s a really pretty string she made it out of.
She’s got another one she’s working on then she says she’ll be done. I don’t know why she only ever makes two. Come to think of it, she wouldn’t be in this mess if she’d just walk around with all four paws on the ground like any sensible dog. Ah well, not gonna argue with her on that point either. Like I said, she’s got the treats.

She’s also almost done with the front-paw covers, the ones with the little pocket for each claw? She calls them “gloves,” I think. But she got mad when she tried to get a picture, something about bad light on this side of the room and being too tired to get to a better spot. I offered to help, but I can’t work that camera so well. No thumbs, you know.

Anyway, I think this is the best vacation ever. I get my belly scritched a hundred dozen times a day, and I get to lay in my favorite patch of sunlight in the Wool Room. Plus when dad makes momma food, he always makes enough for her to share with me! Yup, this is the life!

Bark at ya later!


11 thoughts on “Dog Days

  1. Hey Rudy, you are a great writer! Perhaps you should ask your mom for a weekly feature. She is very lucky to have you by her side! I hope she is back on both hind paws real soon.

  2. Good job, Rudy! You are doing so much more than my kitties would do. Momma will have loads of treats for you if you keep up the good work. Let Momma know we are thinking of her.

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