Thank you for all the get-well wishes, they’ve helped cheer me up considerably. This week I got a new, very stylish stabilizing walking cast and orders to “take it easy.”

Rudy is most helpful in this last endeavor; taking it easy comes quite naturally to him.

So far the walking cast is more of a “hobbling cast,” as I’ve only been able to take a couple steps with it, and those with the aid of at least one crutch. I’m confident I’ll make progress every day, though, and plan to get that hike in before the snows fall.

On to the knitting, then: I finished all but one of my Ravelympics projects, and the unfinished bit was spinning (virtually impossible to do while keeping one’s leg up and iced) so I’m being gentle on myself and declaring the whole thing a success.

Child’s Socks in Shell Pattern, from “Knitting Vintage Socks” by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Crown Mt. Farms Sock Hop, “Beat Goes On” colorway, just less than 2 skeins
Needles: 2.25mm/US 1 dpns
Women’s size 8-9
Knotty Gloves
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multy, color 310
Needles: 2.25mm/US 1 dpns

With the Ravelympics finally over (is it just me, or does putting a deadline on knitting make it just a bit less fun?) I was free to start knitting the newest object of my knit-lust.

Yes, I know I have a couple of sweaters already in progress, but I’ve been in love with this sweater (second link is Ravelry) since I first saw the teaser previews on the Twist Collective magazine site. I am knitting it up in a yarn called “Homestead,” a new addition to Plymouth Yarn’s “Earth” line. It is a chemically unprocessed, organic wool that reminds me a bit of handspun. I love the natural color, a medium gray with a touch of brown… The wool is not merino-soft, but is far from scratchy and I believe it will wear well.

All for now!


12 thoughts on “Recuperating

  1. I have several of those stylish black boots!! Hope you get your foot back sooooon!! Love your knitting projects! Thank goodness for knitting! Rudy will miss you when you get mobile again. I’m sure he’s enjoying your company.

  2. Wow! I sure missed a lot, I hope you are feeling better soon. I predict many more pretty projects. I enjoyed looking at your Ravelympics socks and gloves, very pretty, just like your new sweater. You are a great source of patterns for me.

  3. Mr. Johnson wore one of those boots a few years ago after breaking an ankle–he didn’t like it much, but it was better than crutches (for him anyway!)I’m glad your recovery’s going well Lori. I can see Rudy’s doing all he can to help.I love that Wisteria sweater–can’t wait to see a pic of you modeling it….just in time for sweater season!

  4. Oh, that Rudy! Showing Mom how it’s done.Congrats on your Ravelympics projects. I felt a bit put upon when doing mine but realized I’d have a sweater in 2 weeks. Not so bad, that. :-)Kate Gilbert is a genius!

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