Been so long, I’m not sure where to start…

… but handspun can’t make for a bad beginning.

4 oz. /360 yd. sport-weight cabled yarn (two 2-plies, plied together)
Enchanted Knoll Farm, “Hard Cider,” superwash merino batts
4 oz. / 200 yd. thick ‘n’ thin chunky single
Hungry for Handspun “Honey Toast” merino wool
4 oz. / 300 yd. worsted-weight single
Hello Yarn, “Baked Alaska,” Romney wool
8 oz. / 626 yd. dk-weight 2-ply
Spunky Eclectic, “Think Spring” African Fine wool and “Burning Bush” 80/20 merino/silk
two colorways spun seperately then plied together

4 oz. / 130 yd. bulky 2-ply
Hello Yarn, “Verdant,” 70/30 merino/mohair

4 oz. / 325 yd. dk-weight single
Susan’s Spinning Bunny, “Plummy,” Targhee wool

My personal life has been tumultuous in the past few months and has required my attention. I wasn’t sure how or whether to address it here, so I retreated from the blog and, sadly, from much of my fiber-arts work. I’m still not ready to talk about it, but I’m attempting a re-entry on the fiber-front… please stay tuned…


15 thoughts on “Been so long, I’m not sure where to start…

  1. Hi Lori!This is so coincidental. I just came back today from two months off of all blogs. I just posted for the first time today, too. Sweetie, hang tough. Your work looks fantastic as ever.Love,Trixie

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