dog days

Hey there, Rudy-dog here.
Just wanted to let you all know that me and mom are alive and well and things are good here.

Mom works a lot, but we’ve got a great new house and some nice friends who like to pet me and give me treats. Now that winter is here, there is more time for walking, and I get to go on a long walk every day.

My favorite place is near the water, I can run without my leash. There are birds to chase and sticks to chew, and sometimes even dead fish to roll in. Dog heaven!

I’m pretty sure Mom is happier too, now that she has time to do stuff besides work. She’s been trying out some photography, and spending a lot of time with one of our friends who is having a baby.

I’m supposed to tell you that she’s been knitting again, and is dusting off the spinning wheel as well. She promises to tell you about it in a few days, since she’ll have some time off the next couple weeks. She says we’re staying here in our new house and making dinner for all our friends here on the island. We even have a tree, it’s inside the house, can you believe it!

Yeah, life is pretty good. Just wanted to let you know!
Bark at ya later!


4 thoughts on “dog days

  1. please please please tell me those pics of you in a skinny top are from a few weeks ago and not NOW???? We're having almost 10 inches of snow and on Saturday we had a record daytime high of something like -18 C. I don't like heat, but this isn't fun either.Cheers Eva

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