back again


Here I am again… I believe I could win the Most Sporadic Blogger award this year. Anyone who is active on Ravelry might have noticed that I haven’t been entirely absent, though my knitting and spinning are at a low.  And it’s been long enough since I’ve posted that Blogger went and gave their posting-format a makeover without my notice. Sheesh.
Anywho, onward…
I finished a pair of socks and gifted them to a friend.

They’re knit from some hand-dyed merino I received in a swap and spun up ages ago, when I lived in Maine. They came out well, and according to the recipient, are “the most comfortable socks EVER! It’s like I’m not wearing socks at all, but my feet are warm.” Fine praise indeed.

I worked quite a bit on my handspun sweater, and finished it nearly to the neckline before I decided I could no longer ignore the fact that it really didn’t fit the way I wanted, so I ripped it out to the mid-torso (about where it was in my last post) and put it in time out. I think I’m about ready to work on it again…

I wish I had lots of earth-shatteringly exciting news to report. Really, it’s been daily life that’s been keeping me busy lately. The normalcy has been comforting.
I’ve been spending a lot of time with my dear friend Carol, who had a baby in December. Both she and her husband have been friends of mine for a long time, close enough that they are like family. (We call each other “psudo-siblings.”) Their son Thomas is my unofficial “nephew” and has been part of my near-daily routine since his first week home.

BSJ knit by Auntie Loribird, of course

Though it would appear he’s always sleeping, that’s hardly true that; for the first few months it’s been easier to take Wee Monkey’s photo when he’s slumbering peacefully.
Thomas’ mother is a photographer (in the interest of full disclosure, the photos above are hers) and she’s been teaching me a few things over the winter. I have acquired a new fancy-pants camera and will be playing with that in the months (and hopefully years!) to come. I have a usb cord on order; once it gets here I can start posting the results of my new hobby.

On the subject of hobbies, I’ve re-disovered and re- taken up running.
If the idea of taking yourself out for an hour-long jog on the warm, sunny beach sounds nice, you have an idea of how I feel on a good day and how I could become addicted; if you can imagine 15mph winds at 31 degrees F, clouds looming with imminent rain, and still imagine running with enjoyment for 6 miles (even after said rain begins to fall,) then you know something of my winter. (And if you think I’m out of my mind, you’re certainly not alone!)
I’ve always enjoyed running, and did it competitively in high school (cross country.) I wasn’t the best, but I was far from the worst, so I kept up the practice into my adult life.
The past few years (during my marriage) were the least physically-active of my life, so returning to an athletic lifestyle has not been entirely easy. I’ve noticed that my most joy comes from distance, loooong distance, rather than quick 5K races like we did in school. I’m planning to run a marathon or half-marathon next November, and I’m finding that training for it is both less difficult and more enjoyable than I expected. There is rarely a day when I don’t look forward to my next run. I’ve spent the past couple weeks dealing with a hip injury, unrelated to running but it’s kept me inactive; I’m amazed at how much I miss it. Hopefully I will be back out on the trail again by next weekend. You can definitely expect to hear more on this subject in the future – hope you don’t mind!

That’s all for now; I’ll do my best to keep you updated – for REAL this time!


5 thoughts on “back again

  1. I'm going to fight you for the least-frequent-blogger title!!! Good to see everything's ok with you. I was wondering about you this week and was going to e-mail you to see how you were doing.I can't understand the running, although I'd love to be able to walk on your beach(es) 🙂 I have become a bit more active too by going for 4km walks during my lunch breaks and I try to get it in 10km of walking a day. Missed ya,Eva

  2. How funny. I've kept a bookmark to your "tiny sweater" post forever, but did kind of figure that you'd quit the blogosphere. Today, I was cleaning up my bookmarks and thought I'd just check, and there you were with a new post. Welcome back. You do beautiful work.

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