hello again

Hello to anyone reading… it’s Loribird, and yes, I’m still alive…

Life has kept me pretty busy in the past months, adjusting to many changes and working my little bird-tail off. (Not kidding about that; I spent a good part of the summer doing 60 – 80 hour weeks at my three – count ’em, three – jobs.) The winter off-season has arrived on my island and I have time to start creating again.

It’s not my style to reminisce too much, and I hardly know where to begin anyway, so I’ll just cut to the chase and show you what I’ve made most recently. (And please do forgive the lack of details about patterns, yarn, etc. I’m just learning to use WordPress properly…)

Lacy Baktus; handspun EKF fiber, "Harvest Wild Card" batts

Lacy Baktus (ravelry link), done up in some of my own handspun, from Happy Hooves sock batts created by the ever-lovely Josette of Enchanted Knoll Farm. I used the better portion of the yarn for a pair of socks, and was thrilled that this pattern allowed me to use up every last bit of the remainder.

Next up is a scarf I knit, a real act of love on my part since I don’t usually enjoy the endless knitting required for scarf patterns. Two or three feet of patterning without any shaping is more than plenty enough for me, thankyouverymuch, and with most scarves that’s only the halfway point… but I had a special request, and nothing else would do but a scarf in the classic style, and so it was.

Irish Hiking Scarf; O-Wool Classic, color "Sumac"

I knit up an Irish Hiking Scarf (still a free pattern, I see. Hooray!) in the now-discontinued O-Wool Classic Aran, color Sumac. It took around 2.5 skeins to make a scarf about five feet in length. The intended recipient, my newish-boyfriend (five months now, my first real foray into dating since the divorce) was fascinated by the process and thrilled with the result, so the effort was worth it.

Not to mention, he looks pretty good in red. I might be a bit biased, of course.

So there you go: a bit of an update, leaving plenty of things to the imagination I’m certain, but a start nonetheless… Most importantly, I’ve figured out how to post photos and make links in WordPress. Expect to see more of me around here, I miss my blog friends!

All for now.


7 thoughts on “hello again

  1. Glad to see you back! I finally knit some of your beautiful swap yarn into something: a feather and fan cowl for my mom for her birthday and she loves it, so thanks once again.


  2. YAY YAY YAY you’re still around!!! Looking forward to your blogging again… and HE sure does look good in red hehehe. The scarf does look good in red too 🙂

    Hugs, Eva – who really really missed you loads

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