nearly finished

Last year I started knitting a sweater, my first from all-my-own handspun (in adult size, anyway.) To make it more interesting, I decided to design it myself as I went along.

Perhaps not surprisingly, there were some snags along the way, and I had to rip back from the first neckline all the way to the underarms. The sweater was then shoved into a bag and forgotten put in time out.

I pulled it out again a few weeks ago and slowly started work on the first sleeve… then on the second sleeve… then joined in the round for raglan decreases. Work picked up again and I had to leave the sweater untouched for a few days.

Today I came home from work on my lunch break to find:

Looks like the dang sweater is determined to be finished, even if it has to knit itself!

(Wouldn’t that be nice??? Hopefully I will have finished photos for you tomorrow ♥)

All for now.


3 thoughts on “nearly finished

  1. GORGEOUS!!!! And this reminds me… I have a pound of that blueberry patch fiber and a pound of the blue jeans fiber to go with it… and they’re somewhere in either my basement in one of the 25 35-gallon bags of fiber or in the big chest freezer down there (I ran out of room 🙂 :))
    Hopefully I’ll get to reorganizing my woolroom soon so that I can get to my fiber/yarn 🙂

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