Several years ago, in a small yarn shop in Homer, Alaska, I found myself standing in front of overflowing baskets of handspun yarn, wishing I could afford enough of it to knit a whole sweater.

Being the sensible young lady that I am, I saved up my money and bought… a book on spinning and a spindle. Then I bought a wheel. Then I acquired an immense amount of wool in a rainbow of colors, and though I have knit many things with my handspun yarn, that handspun sweater didn’t materialize quite as quickly as I might have expected.

May I present to you…

Stellarjay, my very first adult-sized sweater knit all in my own handspun.

The fiber is “Blueberry Patch” Targhee wool, dyed by Susan’s Spinning Bunny, whose fibers are consistantly beautiful and always leave me wanting more.

I spun the wool a looooong time ago, in another lifetime when I was living in Maine. I started with a pound of fiber, which became 1890 yards of dk-ish weight yarn, and have left just over 4 oz. I knit the sweater hem-up on size 5 needles, did the sleeves then joined for a seamless raglan sweater. The v-neck worked out just the way I wanted, and I’m thrilled with the complete garment overall. I wore it to work and the very first customer in the shop complemented me (“Cute sweater!”) so I’m considering the whole thing to be a great success.

I could have spent $150 on handspun that day in the yarn shop; I’m pretty happy with the way things have worked out instead.

Tomorrow I leave for the mountains, where I hear there are rumors of snow-flurries…

All for now.

(apologies for the not-so-stellar photos, they were the best I could do between rain showers, work, and nightfall. Perhaps more detailed shots from my vacation…)


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