John C. Campbell Folk School

This post is overdue, and regrettably short: I arrived home to a whirlwind of holiday activity and have now succumbed to a cold. Bleh.

I have found it hard to write about my experience at the John C. Campbell Folk School, though I’m not sure why. Perhaps because  it really seems like a world apart, so different from normal life that I find it difficult to access the same feelings now that I’m “back in the real world.”

If I had to pick one word to describe it, I would use “Nourishing.

Everything about the experience was perfect and wonderful and just what I needed. The natural environment, rustic and rural (I always find the mountains to be soothing to my soul.) The people, instructors and students alike (how often do you find yourself sharing space, 24 hours a day, with 150 people whose only goal each day is to be intensely creative??) The general atmosphere of exploration, curiosity, and openness…

Before I signed up for classes, I did a lot of research online, particularly looking for photos of the Folk School. I was surprised to find there weren’t all that many, relative to the number of people who seemed to attend classes. When I was there I found out why: there simply wasn’t time to be toting around a camera, snapping shots of everything! In the same light, it was (refreshingly) rare to see anyone there using a cell phone. I made a conscious effort to take a few, and in lieu of pages of words, which would probably not tell everything anyway, I have made a flickr set where you can get a taste of my week in pictures and a few words.

I cannot claim authorship for this quote, but it rings true for me:

“I always knew I marched to the beat of a different drum. I came to the Folk School and found the rest of the band.”

All for now.


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