lazy day yarn

There has been a lot of this sort of activity around here lately:

I was on vacation last weekend, and though I took (way too much) knitting with me, I worked only three rows and subsequently frogged the whole project when I returned home. I had a “meh” moment and decided that the yarn and pattern were both great, but not so great together.

When I got home, I finished up some yarn I started spinning ages ago.

It’s a 50/50 merino/angora blend, dyed by Enchanted Knoll Farms in the colorway “Ursula.”
(if you had any idea how much EKF fiber I have stashed away, you’d be aghast…)

Of course, I didn’t bother to put a penny or a dime or anything into the photo to give a sense of scale. You’ll just have to take my word that this is some thin yarn – the skein weighs in at just over an ounce, and there are more than 300 yards of two-ply yarn. I think it will make a nice scarf-ette in the future.

Yesterday I decided to sit down with a pattern I’ve been wanting to knit for a long, long time. It’s the Sugarplum Pullover, from the book Holiday Handknits. It’s a basic sweater with a colorwork yoke, which includes both knit and purl stitches in a Bohus-style patterning.

As expected, I have made some adjustments to the pattern as written (can’t ever leave well-enough alone, can I?), the most significant of which is that I’m knitting from the top-down, and I decreased the number of stitches at the neckline in an attempt to combat the sagging, off-the-shoulder boatneck look. That in turn means I am doing some fancy footwork to make the increases work for the yoke, but I think it’s going well so far. I’m using Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK (in white) for the body of the sweater, and a virtual rainbow of Rowan Pure Wool DK for the stranded section. If it continues to cooperate with me, I’ll share more details in my next post.

All for now.



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