snow day!!!

Anyone who knows me at all could guess how very very happy I am today, considering what’s going on outside.

When I woke this morning I could see the sky out my window, and thought, “Oh yes, that is a Snow Sky if I’ve ever seen one.” The storm started earlier than predicted, before noon. The wind has been blustering, banging the screen doors and the birdfeeder, for hours. And the snow keeps falling, in perfect, tiny flakes. The kind that stick.

Snow is so very rare here on the outer banks, partly because of our southern latitude, but also because being surrounded by water usually keeps us just a hair too warm for snow. We get lots of cold rain, and sometimes some sleet, but snow that sticks (!!!) is something to enjoy.

Once the wind dies down a little, that is. In the meantime, I’ve been indoors (though near the window) enjoying a bit of color-on-white.

I’ve finished the yoke of my Sugarplum Pullover (Rav link to my project page, where all those colors are listed in an organized fashion,) and have moved past the short-row shaping and the raglan-increases that add depth and shaping to the neckline. I’ve put the sleeves-to-be on yarn and joined to knit the body in the round, and so whee! Off we go in plain stocking stitch toward the hemline.

I’ve got some other projects brewing in the wings, I’ll share them (and maybe some more photos of the island blanketed in white!) soon. Keep warm, wherever you are!

All for now.


2 thoughts on “snow day!!!

  1. Snow that sticks is a rarity for OBX. Moving to Ohio in ’09 from Southside VA — I finally have snow that doesn’t melt before noon! Love the yoke on your sweater. Such pretty colors!

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