myself and strangers

When I first started writing this blog, I was a young housewife with two small (step)children, using the internet and the knitting community as a way to have contact with other like-minded adults. It was a wonderful introduction to a whole new world, and when my marriage came to an end, I relied on the kindness of so many of the stranger-friends I’d made to get me thorough some sad times.

And then I drifted away.

Life took over, work took too much of my time, and I was hesitant to publish my new life in such a public space.

This space has been silent for ever-so-long… I’ve often considered how to start writing here again, and what I could say to excuse or explain my absence; in the end I’ve decided that there is nothing I can or need to say. I was gone, and now I am back, and have done some growing in the time between.

I am still creating, still knitting (feverishly and fearlessly!) and for the first time in a very long time I am drawn, no, driven, to write. I jot things in a small journal that accompanies me everywhere, but I want something more… permanent? more thoughtful? more visible? Because it is too easy to write for myself alone, in pages that are never seen; Gertrude Stein said, “I write for myself and strangers,” and that is a feeling I can relate to. How comforting to write without fear of judgement from those close to us! Yet so often “strangers” become familiar names, sometimes they become friends with faces, lives, and writings of their own. I find that both intriguing and at times frightening.

So here we are again, and I don’t know how many old friends may stumble upon this place, or how many new friends will find it. I don’t know what value my words will have for anyone else. For now, I am creating a space to honestly record my thoughts, my creative endeavors, and to reflect on daily life; I am writing for myself. And for any strangers who want to read.Image


3 thoughts on “myself and strangers

  1. Welcome back. I have missed hearing of your creative endeavors. I understand the absence and the return. My own blog writing is extremely sporadic.

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