Walk With Me • South Point Road

The weather is turning to spring – slowly, and we can still expect some nasty nor’easters to blow cold and wet across the island, but we have seen some beautiful sunny days with temperatures in the 50’s.

Perfect walking weather.

I got Rudy’s leash from the closet and we set out.

We started down South Point Road, an unpaved (but graded) road wide enough to accommodate cars (better have 4-wheel drive though!) The road starts just north of the village and winds through a couple miles of marsh to finish at the oceanside on the southernmost beach on the island. Driving the road is a bumpy but enjoyable way to get to the beach; walking it allows a more intimate view of the soundside and all the life there.

The sky indulged me by remaining brightlyand impossibly blue all day, with a generous swath of fluffy white clouds as decoration.

The lighthouse was visible in the distance, reminding me how small my island is. It stands on the harborside, on the opposite shore of the island.

I decided to take a detour – a side road that leads to a rough boat-slip on the soundside – in the hopes of seeing something interesting. Roads that curve off and vanish are often best.

I wasn’t disappointed. The view itself was breathtaking: sky and grass too wide to capture with a camera lens.

And then I happened upon this fellow:

I’m not sure what sort of bird he is, but he was well camouflaged in the grass and stood very very still while I inspected him. There was another nearby, hiding behind a thick clump of grass – his mate perhaps?

Walking on, I marveled at the harshness of the windswept marsh, grasses still leaning from a windstorm the week before, showing their silvery undersides. Amazing that trees root here at all.

We reached the entrance to the beach in short time.

Over the dunes were different sorts of treasures to discover.

I chanced to meet a friend on the beach, she was hiking up into the dunes to take some photos. Rudy waited patiently under a tree while I played model.

On the walk back I discovered a crabshell bleached from months or maybe even years in the sun.

Paused to talk to more friends who were out enjoying the day, and watched their children exploring the dunetops.

The shadows had grown long and blue, and the evening chill was coming to the air; we turned to walk home. A truly idyllic and satiating day.

All for now.